Avrupa Parlamentosu S&D Grup Başkanı Pitella: Türkiye'nin AB üyelik müzakereleri hızlandırılmalı

Bugün kabul edilen Avrupa Parlamentosu Türkiye Raporu üzerine yaptığı Raportör Kati Piti ile beraber yaptığı basın açıklamasında Avrupa Parlamentosu S&D Grup Başkanı Pitella "Türkiye’nin AB üyelik müzakereleri hızlandırılmalı" dedi.Tam orjinal metin:



Strasbourg, 10 June 2015

Pittella: The negotiation process with Turkey must now be accelerated
European Socialists and Democrats stress the importance of today’s adoption, by the European Parliament, of the progress report on Turkey, underlining that Turkey and the EU are and must remain strategic partners. The S&D Group in the European Parliament calls on EU Institutions and member states to honour their engagement vis-a-vis Turkey’s European ambitions.

Gianni Pittella, president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, said:
"The negotiation process with Turkey must be continued and accelerated. Accession negotiations particularly in the area of fundamental rights, justice and home affairs must start without further delay in order to help Turkey to strengthen justice stability and democracy in the country.
"The results of the latest election showed that Turkey’s people, in line with European values, want political pluralism as well as multicultural and multi-religious society. Intimidation of the media is unacceptable and the new government must ensure freedoms of the press and of expression are upheld."

Kati Piri MEP, rapporteur on Turkey, stated:

"Despite the serious concerns we have about certain developments in the country, now is not the moment to turn away from Turkey. We have to create a permanent platform for dialogue in order to make progress in the areas of fundamental rights and the rule of law. The accession negotiations are the best framework for this, as we also want the EU to remain the benchmark for the reform process in Turkey. It is very important that with today’s vote, the European Parliament has given a clear signal that it wants to remain constructively engaged with a new Turkish government."


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