AB Komiseri Füle ve diğer AB temsilcilerinden yolsuzluklar ve yargı bağımsızlığı açıklamaları


Avrupa Komisyonu 17 Aralık süreciyle ilgili ilk kez yazılı bir açıklama yaptı.Füle’nin sözcüsü bugüne kadar bazı Türk ve İngiliz basının sorularına yazılı cevap vermişti.

Açıklamanın orjinal metni:

Turkey: Statement of Commissioner Štefan Füle on developments around judiciary

As European Commissioner for Enlargement, whose duty it is to monitor and report on progress in candidate countries towards meeting the accession criteria, I have followed developments in Turkey since 17 December with growing concern.

Through my spokesperson, I have already highlighted the need to guarantee the independence and impartiality of investigations by the judiciary into any allegation of wrongdoing, including corruption. I have also stated my concern about the removal of a large number of police officers from their duties.

In recent days, the change introduced to the judicial police regulation has undermined the independence of the judiciary and its capacity to act. The application of this regulation has today been suspended by the Council of State. I welcome this suspension and hope the Council’s decision will be quickly finalised.

I urge Turkey, as a candidate country committed to the political criteria of accession, including the application of the rule of law, to take all the necessary measures to ensure that allegations of wrongdoing are addressed without discrimination or preference in a transparent and impartial manner.

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