Avrupa Parlamentosu Liberal Grup Başkanı Guy Verhofstadt’ın Türkiye’de durum hakkında açıklamasının tam amı

Avrupa Parlamentosu Liberal Grup Başkanı Guy Verhofstadt’ın Türkiye’de durum hakkında açıklamasının tamamı:
European Parliament ALDE Group President Guy Verhofstadt’s intervention on Turkey in the plenary today :

Let me first of all say, Lady Ashton, that I found your statements on the 2nd and 9th of June at least in one aspect, inappropriate.In both statements, not only you expressed your concern, but more important, you asked and I quote "for restraint on all sides".Could you please explain what sort of restraint you expected, from the peaceful demonstrators on Taksim Square? Peaceful demonstrators confronted with brutal police forces. Peaceful demonstrators facing tear gas, water canons, rubber bullets.

I was surprised, no let’s be honest, disappointed that the Union has again chosen to be ambivalent in the face of a clear violation of fundamental rights by a state, a state by the way that is candidate for accession to the EU. Because what is happening in Turkey, is a clear violation of human rights.

And this is not an isolated case. In Turkey, we have seen over the last years a growing deterioration of the fundamentals of democracy. Look at the media. Turkey is today the biggest prison for journalists in the world according to Reporters without Border. It is ranked 154 – just three places above the last dictatorship in Europe – Belarus

What is happening in Turkey, is a constant abuse by an excessive state.The tyranny of a majority as John Stuart Mill called it. A system in which decisions taken by a majority are more important then the rights of minorities or individuals.

It’s a trend going beyond Turkey.
It’s also happening in the Russia of Poetin.
Lets be honest even in Orban’s Hungary.
And now in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Let me be clear. I am not questioning the democratic mandate of the elected government in Turkey. What I am questioning is the emerging phenomena of what I call a democratura.

My Group is a strong supporter of a European choice for Turkey. But let me be clear, not a Turkey that turns its back to the European principles and values.

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