Avrupa Parlamentosu Sosyalistler&Demokratlar Grubu: AB Genislemesi AB’nin en basarili politika alani olmayi surduruyor

Avrupa Parlamentosu Sosyalistler&Demokratlar Grubu bugun yayimladigi basin bildirisiyle AB genislemesini destekledigini tekrar acikladi. Avrupa Parlamentosu’nun ikinci buyuk grubu Sosyalistler&Demokratlar Grubu, Avrupa Parlamentosu Uyesi Genisleme Raportoru Eleni Koppa’nin bugun kabul edilen genisleme raporunu destekleyerek, “AB Genislemesi AB’nin en basarili politika alani olmayi surduruyor” dedi.

Aciklamanin tam orjinal metni:
Enlargement remains the most successful external policy of the EU

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today welcomed the adoption of Maria Eleni Koppa’s report on ‘Enlargement: policies, criteria and the EU’s strategic interests’, which confirms the European Parliament’s commitment to the enlargement process.

The adopted resolution underlines the need to reinforce the credibility of enlargement policy and introduces innovative approaches for improving accession procedures. It invites the European Commission to involve civil society and trade unions in the process of screening and monitoring the acquis communautaire, and to simplify and reduce the administrative burden for the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) funding.

Said S&D Euro MP and rapporteur Maria Eleni Koppa:

“The positive vote on the enlargement report in the European Parliament today with this extraordinary majority reaffirmed support for this important EU policy and stressed the need to reassess the procedures of enlargement with a view to enhance the credibility, fairness and transparency of the whole process.

“Enlargement has been the most successful external policy of the Union and it has to remain in the EU toolbox.

“Taking into account the new realities created by the economic crisis, we called for more attention to be given to the social dimension of enlargement, an issue that has been largely neglected during previous waves of enlargement.

“Enlargement needs to foster positive social transformation in the future EU member states and the EU must focus on social justice.”

Said Libor Rouček, S&D Group vice-president responsible for enlargement policy:
“Despite the present economic crisis we must ensure that enlargement remains high on the EU agenda. The report thus comes at a critical period, and reflects the Parliament’s strong political support for further enlargement.

“The EU needs a robust and innovative enlargement policy to advance its strategic interests and enhance the security and prosperity of its citizens. The S&D Group will continue to do its utmost to promote this positive and forward-looking vision, not least in the context of the Western Balkans and Turkey.”

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