Avrupa Parlamentosu Sosyalistler & Demokratlar Grubu’ndan Türkiye’ye mesaj: Kadınsız demokrasi olmaz

S&D Grup Türkiye’de kadın hakları raporunun oylanmasından sonra bir açıklama yaparak kadın hakları konusuna dikkat çekti.

Açıklamanın orjinal metnini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:

S&D MEP Emine Bozkurt’s report ‘A 2020 Perspective for Women in Turkey’ has been adopted today by the European Parliament. This is the third report written by Emine Bozkurt on the situation of women inTurkey. Her reports have been very influential in the development of women’s rights in Turkey. In her latest report, adopted by the Parliament this morning, Bozkurt has first assessed the current situation in Turkeyconcerning violence against women, the situation of women in education, in the labour market and in politics. She then proposes a women’s strategy setting out progress for Turkey up to 2020, parallel to the Europe 2020 targets.

‘A 2020 Perspective for Women in Turkey’ stresses that there can be no democracy without women and that women should be treated as individuals rather than just as family members or as mothers. The report highlights the importance of placing women’s rights at the core of accession negotiations betweenTurkey and the EU. Similarly, women’s rights should have a prominent place in the Positive Agenda initiated by the European Commission to give fresh impetus to Turkey’s accession process.

Mrs Bozkurt calls for zero tolerance on violence against women.  She praises positive steps such as a new law on violence against women, the establishment of a specialised bureau in the office of the Ankara Public Prosecutor to tackle violence against women, the increasing numbers of girls in education, and improvements in employment and political participation for women. However she emphasizes that much still remains to be done. 

The report proposes a set of practical action points to achieve equality between men and women, including legislative changes, awareness-raising campaigns, and introducing role models for young girls and boys.  Bozkurt calls for men and women in Turkey to unite to work for the future of their country and to achieve emancipation. She refers to this co-operation as the ‘alliance of genders’, which is much needed. Turkey cannot afford to have the majority of its population not participating fully in social, economic and political life.

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