Avrupa Parlamentosu’ndan Turkiye’ye reform cagrisi

Avrupa Parlamentosu Sosyalistler ve Demokratlar Grubu Baskani Hannes Swoboda Avrupa Birligi ve Turkiye’ye reformlarin hizlandirilmasi cagrisi yapti.

AB muzakere basliklarindan temel hak ve ozgurlukler, yargi bagimsizligi konularini iceren 23. ve 24. basliklarin acilmasi icin yeni bir tartisma cagrisi yapan Swoboda Turkiye’de insan haklari ve medya ozgurlugu ile ilgili ciddi endiselerinin oldugunu da belirtti.

Ceza yasasinin yenilenmesi, 301. madde sorununa cozum getirilmesi ve terorle mucadele yasasininda degisilik cagrisinda da bulundu.

Sosyalistler ve Demokratlar Grubu’ndan yapilan aciklamanin tam metni:

Commenting on the vote, S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda said:

“We need to intensify the dialogue between the European Union and Turkey. It is crucial that the membership negotiations with Turkey continue smoothly and it is now time to re-launch the process.

“We have serious concerns about human rights and media freedom in Turkey. Therefore, it is important to open this chapter for negotiations. In addition, we call for new discussions to be opened, especially on chapters 23 and 24 which deal with the judicial system and civil rights. The issue of energy should also be opened.”

Hannes Swoboda continued:

“Turkey must continue and accelerate the reform process. It is time to go forward with the penal code and the new constitution in order to assure freedom of expression for everybody. Paragraph 301 of the penal code is not compatible with European standards. This needs to be changed.

“Finally, the anti-terror law needs to be reformed, as it allows for the arrests of journalists, intellectuals, activists and others.

“Turkey needs to fulfill all the Copenhagen criteria. Accession will only be possible based on the full adoption and application of the acquis communautaire.”

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